A year-long flawless record of safety has earned a response and rescue unit in Western Australia a prestigious award.

The PHI International and Careflight teams in Broome received the Shell Goal Zero Hero: No Leak, No Harm Award for demonstrating total safety with no injury for 12 consecutive months.

The teams clocked up an average response time of 44 minutes, which is well within the expected 60 minutes, and together have completed 40 medical evacuations.

They were praised for their operational performance and continued excellence in challenging situations and received glowing feedback from patients for their care and professionalism.

PHI International President Keith Mullett said the award shows how safety and wellbeing is always the number one priority at PHI.

“I am extremely proud to hear about the achievements of the Broome and Careflight teams who have worked together to earn this very special award.

“To maintain a clean record of safety in challenging circumstances while under pressure for a year is an exceptional achievement and shows how safety is at the heart of everything we do at PHI International.”