There is nothing more important to PHI International than our core values of Safety, Quality, Efficiency and Customer Service. With over six decades of experience and millions of flight hours under our belts, it’s no accident that our culture of safety – and safety record – sets us apart in the industry.

Our safety and quality integrated management system has been developed to stringent international aviation industry standards and to meet our own uncompromising commitment to flight safety, environmental awareness, quality assurance, and occupational health and safety.


  • Ongoing membership in and cooperation with HAI (Helicopter Association International)
  • Membership of HeliOffshore
  • Participation in the IHST (International Helicopter Safety Team)
  • Cutting-edge safety systems


We have led the way in developing a new fifth pillar in our Safety Management System: The Human Dimension of Safety. This pillar sits at the heart of our safety management system, and influences each of the other pillars: Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion.

Within the Fifth Pillar, we are expanding our work on the Destination Zero program. The Fifth-Pillar also contains our development on life-saving thinking, life-saving behaviours, brain-centric hazards, individual and team reliability. We are committed to improving the mental, social, and psychological wellbeing of individuals and strengthening our controls against human factor related hazards in aviation.


Every member of our PHI International team has the knowledge, trust and conviction to Stand Up, Speak Out and Take Action on Safety, ensuring that all who fly with us benefit from a strong safety culture.


We operate a high-quality, cloud-based safety management system via Coruson that enables real-time control, visibility and reporting of risks and enhances our safety, risk and compliance oversight. In this system we combine our bow-tie risk models – which map the biggest risks we face and the risks unique to each base – with all aspects of our safety reporting and auditing functions.

This gives us enhanced efficiency and oversight to enable continuous improvement of key safety controls. The comprehensive nature of this system has been recognised by key customers through formal audit processes.