PHI International has strengthened its presence in Australia with the opening of a new base in Mackay.

Located at Mackay Airport, the new base extends the number of sites where PHI International has active helicopter operations in four continents to 10.

PHI International President Keith Mullett praised the efforts of staff involved in getting the base up and running to deadline.

“Years of planning and preparation by multiple teams went into the opening.

“Their tremendous efforts paid off when the first marine pilot transfer was completed on time and the moment was live streamed for everyone – including the client – to join in the success.”

A fortnight before opening, two new H145 helicopters were delivered to site for test marine pilot transfers to nearby ships.

Mackay Base and Contract Manager Guy Beange said in the last few days before opening, the base was bustling with teams preparing for a successful launch.

“The new base opening been a great opportunity to showcase our services for future growth potential.

“With flying operations now in full flow, the whole team can finally take a moment to feel a sense of pride in what they’ve achieved.”